Injection Molded Magnets


If you want your customers to remember your name and phone number, you've come to the right place.  At Magnet World we take pride in reproducing our customers artwork into a molded form. Injection molded rubber is molded, magnetized, and then hand painted to the highest standard.  As no print process is used we cannot reproduce half tones, however we do use the full range of Pantone colors.

We have a minimum order of just 1,000 pieces per design and 10,000 pieces per shipment.  Any shipments under 10,000 pieces will incur a $200 surcharge. Designs can be any shape and have as many as 12 colors.  Sizes of up to 12 square inches are attainable.  All new designs will incur a one time mold fee of $100.00

Artwork needs to be submitted in both black line at 300 dpi used in creating the mold and full color with PMS strike-outs.  If you prefer Magnet World artists can create a design for you starting at a cost of $125.  Please see the web page - Artwork Requirements for additional details.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will respond with a quote within 48 hours. In order to properly quote your design please give the size and number of colors.